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PayPal cleared $242M in crypto trading over 24 hours

paypal cryptocurrency

Global payments provider PayPal cleared $242 million worth of digital assets on the platform during Jan. 11, 2021. It has doubled its previous crypto volume record of $129 million. PayPal’s volume is a clear sign of increasing adoption among retail traders.

When Bitcoin ETF Coming to Market?

bitcoin etf
Bitcoin ETF

The first proposal for Bitcoin ETF was made by brothers Winklevoss in 2013. Since then many crypto companies prepared their official proposal for Bitcoin ETF. But even after nine years we still don’t have any SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF. So the main question remains: When is Bitcoin ETF coming to market?

Cointelegraph created a great video about Wall Street’s path to crypto and we highly suggest to watch the full 13 minutes documentary about Bitcoin ETF.

Malta, the blockchain Island

malta conference

Cointelegraph, one of the most visited website by crypto ethusiasts, made a video about Malta, one of the smalest island in the world. Malta is known by its open attitude to blockchain and crypto experiments. Their reporters talked to the Finance Minister of Malta Edward Scicluna, Changpeng Zhao (Binance), John McAfee, Tim Byun (OKEX ), Alexandre Dreyfus (chiliZ) and Marc Taverner (Bitfury). Information on regulation and Maltese economy data was provided by Gatt Tufigno Gauci Advocates.

Highlights from Blockchain Conference Prague Smile Expo 2019

We were excited to come over to the one-day blockchain conference organized by Smile Expo in Prague. It was held on March 22 at Panorama Hotel Prague. If you missed the event, you can read some of our thought from the conference.

VKontakte is considering developing its own cryptocurrency

VKontakte is the most popular social media platform in Russia founded by Pavel Durov, and it is ranked as the third most popular website in Russia. RNS, the local news, reported that they obtained a presentation from VKontakte that shows some new functions based on the token. A user of VKontakte would receive tokens for spending more time on the social media platform.

TOP 10 Countries by Inflation Rate

This is a list of countries sorted by inflation rate. Inflation is a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. Most economists favor a low and steady rate of inflation. In western countries inflation is sually realtively low. But this is not the case for countries in South America or Africa.

Every year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness Report on the state of the world’s economies. One of those measures is inflation. Venezuela’s inflation rate is in excess of 250%, more than 10 times that of any other country.

Blockchain startup Animoca Brands announced Agreement With Formula 1

Blockchain startup Animoca Brands announced it had signed a global licensing agreement with Formula 1® to publish a F1® Delta Time, a blockchain game based on the world-famous racing series. This deal is part of the Animoca Brands’s vision to onboard the next billion people on to blockchain.

Fake Trading Volumes: Is it Coinmarketcap’s fault?

Fake trading volumes is a big problem in the current crypto space. Bitwise, an index fund provider, informed that 95% of bitcoin exchange trading volume listed in CoinMarketCap.com is fake. So if the site reports around USD trading volume, the real actual number is only 270.000.000 USD.

Fidelity’s Institutional Bitcoin Trading and Custody Solution is Live

On Mar. 8th a division of Fidelity Investments announced that their service including bitcoin trading and custudy services are live with some clients and will continue rolling out slowly. Fidelity Investments is the world’s fifth largest asset manager that has over $2.5 trillion in assets under management.

Get Inspiration from Pantera Capital’s Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Start-ups

Pantera Capital is an investment firm that invests in blockchain start-ups and cryptocurrencies since 2013. They made over 70 investments. Recently they published an infographic that shows in which start-ups they invested.

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paypal cryptocurrency

PayPal cleared $242M in crypto trading over 24 hours

Global payments provider PayPal cleared $242 million worth of digital assets on the platform during Jan. 11, 2021. It has doubled its previous crypto...

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