We were excited to come over to the one-day blockchain conference organized by Smile Expo in Prague. It was held on March 22 at Panorama Hotel Prague. If you missed the event, you can read some of our thought from the conference.

The most active blockchains in 2018

Gaming and betting will be leaders of in Dapp’s adoption.

ICO stats and warnings

  • 71% of ICO doesn’t have any prototype after one year they were fully invested in ICO.
  • 80% of ICO from 2017 is traded nowadays below their ICO price.
  • 30% of ICO lost their value to zero.
  • Only 10 (not 10%, we meant the number 10) ICO caused the 99% gain of ICO market.

What to learn from that: Do not invest in ICO unless you have some supernatural power to predict or choose the right project.

ICO’s will not disappear

Investors find ICO tokens attractive because of their liquidity. Marketplace will get more sophisticated (fewer scams). Investors worry more now and being cautious due to many scams in 2017-2018. The regulatory framework will attract more investors.

The most significant demand will be for security tokens backed by assets. Investors should be careful because asset-backed tokens can be easily over-valued as well.

Always conduct due diligence.

IBM and Maersk have launched TradeLens

TradeLens is one of the blockchain projects that you should look closer. It is a blockchain shipping solution designed to promote more efficient and secure global trade.

The presentation at Blockchain Conference Prague Smile Expo was one of the best, and we especially liked sharing the numbers from the development and live project as well.

The cost of global trade is around 1,8 trillion USD. TradeLens project aims to save approximately 10%. So far they signed with almost one hundred transports and ports and with those numbers they reached 20% of markets.

Fast thoughts

We have mined more than 80% BTC.

Lichtenstein and Swiss are one of the most favorite countries for blockchain and crypto projects nowadays.

We have to learn what to do with blockchain. It is like the age when we discovered cars. They did not know and could not predict that Uber (taxi service) will become so successful.

Regulatory is needed. Guidance will help you grow.

We will experience higher demand for STO in 2019 and 2020.

Make sure you check Delphi Digital Research. We gained lots of value from their papers.

Smile Expo Blockchain Conference in Prague

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