Hackers Congress is a unique event that takes place once a year in Prague. It connects anarchists, Liberians, hackers, thinkers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. More than 500 hundred people attended and we couldn’t miss it! In this article, we collected the most exciting twitter statuses that used hashtag “hcpp18” so you can feel the atmosphere there. Check them out!

Good morning guys!

How the HCPP18 conference badge looks like

Are you still considering investing in ICO?

That’s how interviews beeing made with hackers

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto disappear?

Best countries if you consider to set up a cryptocurrency start-up

I can live with volatility but I can’t live without freedom

Have you heard about physical bitcoin coins?

Getting ready for press conference

Guys, you can donate BTC while taking a leak

What do you think about Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin legality in the world

The purpose of Bitcoin is to use it

Embrace volatility that won’t kill you

How to achieve freedom

The youngest baby at HCPP18

If you are interested in more pictures like that, check hashtags #hcpp18 on Twitter and Instagram.