Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK – the company developing Cardano names nine favorite crypto projects in the interview by Cointelegraph.


“It’s one of the most revolutionary cryptocurrencies ever built. Got so many crazy ideas like non-outsourceable puzzles and sigma protocols and pruning the blockchain and roller chains. All this crazy stuff. Even has a proof of no premine.”


“They’ve advanced the entire discussion of zero knowledge cryptography. We’ve borrowed some of their stuff. We’ve innovated on some of the things.” … “They’re carrying the banner of privacy and the banner of inclusive accountability, and both of these things are incredibly important as a core.”


“Those are wonderful people and they’re incredibly smart people. And again, they’re allowing us to do amazing things with scale.”

Lightning Labs

“I have a lot of respect for Lightning Labs. <…> And that’s a good solution, if not for scalability, for interoperability between cryptocurrencies. And they seem to be easy enough to talk to, to collaborate with, and fairly open people, good people.”


“I have a lot of respect for the Dash community. I think they were one of the first to really prove out a cryptocurrency treasury and show the power of a treasury. And they even sponsored research at Arizona State University with it.”


“I don’t really like their community too much because they’re so toxic and negative towards us and they just never seem to let an opportunity kick us when we’re down, escape. But overall, I do have a lot of respect for at least the philosophy and the technology that they’ve been deploying.”


“… they are another one of the science coins and we all kind of support each other. Even though we get academically competitive, we’re able to reference each other’s work and learn from each other and grow from each other.”


“I think Avalanche has some merit as well, especially in the IoT [Internet of Things] space in Ava is going to be an interesting coin that comes out. And there’s a lot of interesting ideas there.”

Basic Attenetion Token

“… the growth curve and the adoption of BATs has been just phenomenal. And I think they’re poised on a five or 10 years to become a major player in the very least displaced Firefox completely and potentially even have a meaningful share of the browser market, which could translate to billions of dollars of advertising revenue that’s not connected to, you know, the cartels that exist and allow people to avoid being deplatformed.”