Hackers Congress is every year event that connects anarchists, opinion leaders, hackers, thinkers and cryptocurrency anarchists. Over five hundred people attend 3-days marathon of presentations and panel discussions. Prague is not a crypto hub, but we must admit that this kind of event is not a regular conference. It attracts people from all over the world, and the Czech language is not the major one here. You should also know that every single ticket was sold out six months ago.

Hackers Congress has been here from 2014, and every year some unique features are brought to attendees. This year they called the event HCPP2018: New Order. They created a YouTube studio, many presentations and panel discussions were streaming online and attendees could go to practical workshops. Every attendee received a NFC bitcoin wallet badge for paying and receiving crypto. Oh, did you know that even though you are in Prague in the Czech Republic, you don’t pay in Czech Coronas but Bitcoin or Litecoin.

You can also check the best Twitter statuses from the conference here.

Inevitable ICO bubble

As Tone Vays mentioned last year, for HCPP2018, he prepared a great presentation about comparison dot-com bubble and ICO bubble. We added a recorded video that Paralelni Polis made so you can watch yourself and learn from many foolish investors who lost their money during the dot-com bubble.

DAO (Decentralized autonomous organizations)

Have you truly realized that only a state has a power to issue a licence for businesses? The country itself set up a rule how the business should be done, how much tax you pay and what you can do and can’t do, what is legal and illegal. Decentralized autonomous organizations are here to change it. The great example of a project that has such a vision is Aragon.

Have you heard about Google Project FI

Project FI is all about a phone plan. If you are a digital nomad or a perpetual traveler, consider using Project FI for your mobile data plan.

I got this tip from Pavol Luptak. He has a presentation about How to achieve both economic and personal freedom using globality and flexibility. You can have a look at the slides below.

Volatility is natural

Nassim Taleb, one of the speaker at Hackers Congress, also talked about volatility. The whole cryptocurrency market currently experiences a huge wave of a bear market. It’s necessary to understand that it is a natural process when you’re standing next to the new big thing. Laptops were not light nor small. Smartphones didn’t exist eight years ago, the only phone you could use ten years ago was a big and heavy box.

I liked the quote that Nassim Taleb used.

One failed businessman is better than ten academics.

Watch HCPP18 presentations from your laptop

Did you miss this event? You have a great opportunity to watch many presentations that Pararelní Polis streamed online and saved on a youtube channel. Feel free to check them on the official YouTube channel of Paralelni Polis.