Now more than ever it’s essential to stay informed about digital money, which might cause the largest wealth redistribution in history. If you’re looking for a place to start, bellow we have collected the leading experts and influencers in the cryptocurrency space to learn from. Here we go: top influencers in cryptocurrency with links.

Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian super talented programmer, co-founder of Ethereum and also Bitcoin Magazine. Richtopia listed Bitcoin Magazine as #8 on its list of the top 100 most influential companies in the blockchain space.

Charlie Lee


Charlie Lee is the creator of the Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency. He worked at Google (2007 – 2013) and then Coinbase (2013 – 2017), a Bitcoin exchange, as director of engineering. He quit his job at Coinbase in June 2017 and dedicated himself to Litecoin development. His tweet about leaving Coinbase became famous: “I am going to shift my focus to Litecoin now. To the Moon!”

Gavin Andresen

@gavinandresen  |

Gavin Andersen (born Gavin Bell) is a software developer and lead developer for Bitcoin. He founded the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012 to support and dedicate work to creating secure and stable digital cash for the Internet.

Brian Armstrong


Brian Armstrong is a co-founder and the CEO of Coinbase, a major bitcoin exchange in the US. Before founding Coinbase (2012) Brian worked as a Software Engineer at Airbnb (2011 – 2012).

Nick Szabo


Nick Szabo is a computer scientist and cryptographer known for his research in digital currency and digital contracts. The phrase “smart contracts” was coined by Nick Szabo and today smart contracts are one of the major features of cryptocurrency.

He designed a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency called “bit gold” in 1998. Even though it was never implemented, it has been called a direct precursor to the Bitcoin architecture.

Don and Alex Tapscott

@dtapscott and @alextapscott  |

Don and Alex Tapscott, father and son, have together set up the Blockchain Research Institute and have written a best-selling book called The Blockchain Revolution. They are both very influential people in the blockchain area – authors, speakers and advisors. In 2017, they were awarded the Digital Thinking Award by Thinkers50.

Alex is a CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures, an advisory firm building blockchain businesses.

Andreas. M. Antonopoulos


The author of the books “Mastering Bitcoin” and “The Internet of Money”. Andreas is excellent in making complex subjects understandable to anybody. He produces well-known a respectable crypto podcast.

Olaf Carlson-Wee

The first employee at Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the US. He has launched a hedge fund that invests in blockchain assets. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on Bitcoin in 2011 despite objections from professors, who declared the currency dead (listen to the podcast Unchained).

Winklevoss brothers

@winklevoss and @tylerwinklevoss

The Winklevoss twins are both Internet entrepreneurs and well known for co-founding the social networking website HarvardConnection (later renamed ConnectU). In 2004 the Winklevoss brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he stole their ConnectU idea to create Facebook, the most popular social network to date. They received tens of millions of dollars in a settlement agreement.

Cameron and Tylor Winklevoss are now venture capitalists. In 2013 the brothers claimed that they owned nearly 1% of all bitcoin at that time. The same year they funded BitInstant, a bitcoin exchange start-up (which unfortunately closed in 2014), their CEO Charlie Shrem was arrested and charged with money laundering related to the Silk Road (a black market website for selling and buying illegal drugs).

In 2014 the twins purchased seats on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic shuttle (a commercial spacecraft designed for suborbital space tourism).

In 2015, the Winklevoss brothers launched a bitcoin exchange called Gemini.

Derin Cag

@DerinCag |

Derin Cag is a thought-leader and the founder of Richtopia, an online business magazine covering topics of financial/personal wealth.  He is also the co-founder of Marketing Runners and Blockchain Age. Derin is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on topics including the implications of the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation, AI, IoT, blockchain and crypto-currencies.


Ƀrock Pierce (@brockpierce) – chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation,  founder of Blockchain Capital, founder of Tether and EOS

Nicolas Cary (@niccary) – a tech entrepreneur, in 2013 he co-founded Blockchain, a software platform for digital assets.

Roger Ver (@rogerkver) – an early stage Investor in Bitcoin startups including,,, BitPay, Kraken, and

Susanne Chishti (@SusanneChishti) – CEO of FinTech Circle, conference speaker

Joey Zhou (@josephzhou) – Cryptography and Security Expert

Tim Draper (@TimDraper) – Venture capitalist, billionare blockchain investor

Dr. Julian Hosp (@julianhosp) – Co-Founder of TenX, Blockchain Expert, Keynote speaker