Blockchain Futurist Conference will be held on August 15-16, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Canada’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency event and marketing agency Untraceable has announced its inaugural marquee blockchain event, Blockchain Futurist Conference. The world’s first truly crypto-friendly event will bring together blockchain innovators, pioneers, and enthusiasts from multiple industries to examine what the future of blockchain will hold.

What you can expect from the Blockchain Futurist Conference

Unlike other industry events, Blockchain Futurist Conference is professionally designed to foster conversations, networking, and deal-making throughout the entire duration of the conference. Blockchain Futurist Conference will be an immersive experience tailored to encourage discussions on what the future of blockchain will look like.

Conference attendees will experience an event truly integrated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, including significant ticket discounts when purchased through cryptocurrencies, airdrops from select sponsors, Bitcoin ATMs onsite with zero percent fees, and items purchasable in cryptocurrency. In addition to keynote speakers and presentations, the conference will feature mini-events sponsored by leading blockchain companies, hands-on workshops, and notable product launches and announcements.

Tracy Leparulo, conference organizer

Tracy Leparulo, CEO and Founder of Untraceable and organizer of the conference, said:

“Blockchain Futurist Conference will bring together the rapidly growing blockchain industry under one roof to discuss the enormous potential the technology holds for the global community. Despite an abundance of industry-specific blockchain events, most conferences in this space remain siloed and introspective. This is holding back the community from building the future of blockchain together, limiting how we leverage each other’s strengths and learn from our individual challenges.”

“Untraceable’s goal is to unite the diverse players in the space, encouraging participants from every industry on the planet to explore and debate the future of blockchain. We wanted to create an event that catered to the interests and needs of the community, and every aspect of the Blockchain Futurist Conference was designed with the community in mind. As the birthplace of Ethereum and dozens of the world’s most indispensible blockchain startups, Toronto is the perfect place to showcase industry leaders and propel the industry forward.”

Conference organizer Tracy Leparulo has a proven track record of producing large scale, high-quality blockchain events, including the first Bitcoin Expo in Canada, ETHWaterloo, and POLYCON18. Leparulo also hosted three world-first events: Ethereum Hackathon, Certified Training Conference, and Securities Token Conference.

Speakers at Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain Futurist Conference will feature leading executives and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry, government officials, and prominent blockchain vanguards. Currently, confirmed speakers include:

  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and former CEO of Ethereum
  • Jeff Pulver, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Pioneer & Vice Chairman, Alchemist Group
  • Roger Ver, CEO of
  • Trevor Koverko, Founder of Polymath
  • Joseph Weinberg, Chairman of Shyft & OECD Think Tank Special Advisor
  • Matthew Spoke, Founder, AION Network
  • Natalia Ameline, Co-founder of CryptoChicks
  • Jason White, Head of Equity & Token Sales, Indiegogo

Ticket registration

Blockchain Futurist Conference is currently open for ticket registration. To register, stay up-to-date on the expanding speaker list, and for additional information, visit