The UK’s biggest crypto and blockchain event for investors Crypto Investor Show took place on March 10th at the Elizabeth Queen II Center in London. We simply couldn’t miss it and came to see the stage, presentations, panel discussions and ICO pitches. We also came to network with people looking for opportunities that the cryptocurrency market offers.

The main stage was totally full

You’d better come early to the Crypto Investor Show. The main stage got full just few minutes after the welcoming speech. Organizers didn’t expect such a huge demand for tickets, therefore they probably didn’t set up any limits for orders.

There was a 40 minute-long queue at the registration desk. As a result, many people couldn’t even get in on time.

Fortunately, organizers set up a live stream in another room so that everyone was able to watch live. Moreover, they offered everyone a refund. Thumbs up for that!

Exhibitors at the event

The event hosted many exhibitors that presented their products and services. We didn’t find any outstandingly interesting projects. Most of the talks on the stage were about their upcoming ICO.

Here are some cryptocurrency-related projects that we found most interesting:

  • Easy Crypto Hunter – set up your mining rigs with a premium GPU cryptocurrency mining hardware.
  • Blox – auto sync wallets for your crypto portfolio.
  • Bitcar – P2P trade fractions of exotic cars.
  • TaxToken – blockchain-as-a-service company that provides financial, accounting and tax solutions.
  • VRxCity – interactive virtual reality porn.

The dominant sponsor of the Crypto Investor Show was everywhere

eToro is a global trading and investment platform which helps open up the markets to everyone. Clients can invest in stocks, ETFs, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Through eToro, you can invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar, Ethereum, Ripple and NEO. Note that you cannot send the cryptocurrency to your wallet. You have to trade it back to fiat (USD or EUR).

Iqbal Gandham, UK managing director at eToro, had a presentation about the growth of cryptocurrency trading. He is bullish about the cryptocurrency market and also said it is not in a bubble. He literally asked himself:

“Are we in a crypto-bubble right now?”, and answered that with “No”.

Receive a 20 USD bonus for your first investment on eToro.

Thoughts from speakers at the Crypto Investor Show

The biggest challenge for the crypto-currency market is education. First of all, we need to educate ourselves before putting money in.

There are great ideas and businesses, but when investing, you need to stay critical. Due diligence is your homework.

If you care about price, you are already in trouble. Remember this whenever you buy your next altcoin.

There are 100 ICOs coming out every week. Are you looking for best ICO listing sites?

We are on day one, minute one of the blockchain.