We are bringing you our favorite blockchain projects presented at the Blockchain stage of Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 conference.

Introducing Latest Trends in Tech and Startup World

Being one of the largest tech events in Asia, the conference featured a wide variety of speakers and panels introduced on multiple stages. Guests were able to attend interesting talks centered around product development, marketing and revenue strategies, new technologies or startup management.

Aside from attending talks, the guest could browse a startup stand area where dozens of startup companies had the opportunity to introduce their projects and reach out to a large audience and a potential investor pool.

This Year’s New Addition: The Blockchain Stage

Compared to last year’s event, 2018 Tech in Asia conference newly offered a separate stage dedicated to blockchain technology, attracting both industry experts and blockchain enthusiasts. The talks ranged from an introductory summary of the technology to discussing present day state of the industry, including government regulations and recent investment trends. Current pressing issues and their possible solutions were discussed as well, mostly focused on scalability and security issues blockchain project have to deal with.

Bluzelle – a decentralized network of on-demand databases

One of the projects introduced here is Bluzelle, a decentralized network of on-demand databases aiming to offer solution to the scalability and security problem in data management. With protocols such as Ethereum, allowing for the creation of decentralized applications (dApps), the amount of data these dApps need to interact with each other is raising sharply. However, blockchains like Ethereum are not optimized for data storage and management. Bluzelle creates tokenized ecosystem helping dApp developers to store and manage their data online using a network of decentralized databases, thus serving as an alternative to current centralized cloud data storage providers.


Another project discussed on the Blockchain stage is Zilliqa, a high-throughput public blockchain platform. Zilliqa team has been very successful in researching and implementing the method of sharding onto their blockchain, creating a highly scalable platform that is currently able to process thousands of transactions per second. To compare, the Ethereum platform can currently handle approximately 6 transactions per second.

Zilliqa is also working on SCILLA, a new programming language specifically created to code smart contracts in a more secure and efficient way in order to prevent

After his speech, we sat down with Amrid Kumar, Zilliqa’s head of research, to discuss details about the Zilliqa project, the future of blockchain and more. The full interview is coming soon. Stay tuned!