Sparkster is an upcoming ICO that many investors and enthusiasts are talking about. Sparkster ICO gained lots of hype and went viral within weeks. Below we review the project, team, roadmap and many other criteria giving you an idea why there is so much interest in the Sparkster platform. Due diligence is necessary before investing in any ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

The Sparkster platform provides an innovative solution for building software without learning how to code, just with plain English. It offers a decentralized cloud for smart software and a peer-to-peer marketplace with the Spark token. It might be the biggest revolution since Uber and Airbnb.

But during our analysis, we found some concerns and challenges.


  1. What is Sparkster
  2. Problem and Solution
  3. Sparkster platform explained
  4. Business model
  5. Sparkster’s prototype and real use cases
  6. Competitive advantage
  7. Team and Advisors
  8. Token economy and distribution
  9. Roadmap
  10. Ian Balina’s effect
  11. Conclusion
  12. How to invest in Sparkster

1. What is Sparkster

We’ve always been learning how to talk to computers, but what about teaching computers how we talk first instead and only then build the apps?

If you want to build software without learning how to code first, Sparkster is the platform for you. It features an intuitive drag and drop interface, so that you can focus on what you want to develop while the Sparkster transforms it into working software in seconds. The team is building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud for Smart Software. A specialized Blockchain explicitly designed to replace cloud computing and execute tens of millions of transactions per second.

Sparkster Platform

Drag and drop blocks of plain English and create software.

Build apps, write no code.

It is as simple as that.

Build and Run Decentralized Software in Plain English.

Sparkster is building a powerful and fastest decentralized cloud. The cloud enables people to run software across a network.

We aim to empower the dreamer within each of us to innovate. We will achieve this by democratizing access to the tools necessary for innovation in the 21st century: software development.

What can Sparkster do for you?

What if software could be defined in plain English? What if this software was defined on a platform architected specifically to integrate innovative technologies such as AI, IOT and Smart Contracts? What if taking advantage of these new technologies was as simple as dragging and dropping a block? That is the Sparkster platform, and it’s ready to use today.

2. Problem and solution

Without computers and the whole IT industry, there won’t be any innovation. Our society depends on technology. Computers are parts of our business and personal life. Innovation is almost exclusively dependent on software development.

Emerging companies such as Uber, Airbnb or Instagram are exclusively software companies.

Various applications bridges between humans and computers. But we must first build the apps to make this link happen.

Apps help us build solutions, companies and create new possibilities. Apps track, analyze, report, etc. They do what we say. They follow our voice. We built our world with IT skills.

Now is the time to move forward and bring more people to this segment. Programmers are great, but we need more than that.

Everyone should be able to build an app using just creativity, not coding.

There has to be a better way how to create apps.

Sparkster will be able to connect with popular services like Salesforce, Slack, Twitter or Instagram. Afterward, you can build a layer on the top of the service and create additional functionality with your new app. You only use drag and drop system and Sparkster will do all the hard work in the background, connecting the blocks and generating code for computers.

Traditional programming is very hard. Tech creativity still requires knowledge of coding and programming. There must be a way how to create apps without conventional programming. Sparkster makes software development accessible to the 99% who do not know how to code and don’t want to learn.

Sparskster’s bullet points:

  • It’s time for each of us to invent the apps of the future.
  • It’s time for computers to speak our language.
  • It’s time to democratize app development.

In Sparkster they believe that software skill should be a human right as important as reading or writing. I know, those are strong words. But to be honest, we live in a technological world so we must prioritize.

3. Sparkster platform explained

Still don’t really understand what Sparkster does? Let’s see it in action!

Sparkster doesn’t want to make software development more comfortable and faster for just software developers. Rather, they want to see software development become accessible to everybody. Once programming is accessible for the mainstream, our creativity takes the lead and innovation will follow.

4. Business model

The Sparkster platform will be free of charge for personal use while the account will be limited to a certain number of transactions. The use of the Sparkster platform in a commercial capacity will be subject to ongoing fees in the form of user licenses, transaction fees, device fees, storage fees, etc.

The peer to peer marketplace will provide a market for buying and selling “bricks” = apps. Those apps are just building blocks for higher level constructions. Imagine someone who creates a simple tax calculator and someone else will buy it because he doesn’t want to lose his time while building a whole tax performance app. Sparkster will charge the author a discretionary platform fee for any paid transactions that occur on the Sparkster marketplace.

There are two vertical markets for the Sparkster business model: Internet of Things (IoT) and Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts.

5. Sparkster’s prototype and real use cases

The team has already built a number of smart contracts without any coding, just with plain English on their platform. One example is a smart contract for issuing tokens whenever payment is received (perfect solution for many ICOs).

Smart contracts can be used even for trading amazon vouchers Let’s see how it works.

“At Mobile World Congress 2018, we demonstrated the Sparkster Platform using AI facial recognition to detect a cleaner, and opening an August door lock, controlled by Apple Homekit, and execute an automated payment via IOTA.” – Sparkster white paper

On 1st June Sajjad Daya, CEO of Sparkster, demonstrated 50.000 TPS live demo during AMA (Ask me anything). YouTube video is still available for watching.

6. Competitive advantage

Sparkster has existing integrations with Ethereum and IOTA, but others such as NEO, Cardano, and Stellar are on the roadmap for 2019. It also integrates natively with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Using the Sparkster platform and its revolutionary technology, you can build AI, IOT, Ethereum Smart Contracts, and IOTA Smart Transactions, all without a single line of code.

Sparkster claims that software can be built on Sparkster platform at least 100x faster than traditional development can by traditional software developers. Competitors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle will face disruption sooner or later. The Sparkster platform is to software what Uber was to the taxi industry – a game changing disruption.

Sparkster will try to patent its technology in the first part of 2Q 2018, right after they get an opinion of the patentability from a law firm.

7. Team

Looking at the team members of Sparkster, we see a strong background in tech and human resources. The leaders have experience from big corporations such as Cisco, HSBC, IBM, InfoSys, Citi Bank, Pfizer or NBC Universal. This team is genuinely all-star.

Sajjad Daya – CEO of Sparkster with more than 15 years of experience in building and leading multi-million dollar corporations (CISCO, Syncoms USA).

Amit Kumar – IT Professional with 20+ years of experience in various leadership roles in the areas of Application & Database management (Syncoms, Wipro).

Shabeer Kirmani – Tech evangelist with more than four years as a director of data science for the United states Department of Defense.

Dayanie Rajeev – VP with various experience from Citi Bank (2 years), IBM (3 years), Accenture (1 year) and Syscom (4 years).

Gary Leavens (advisor) – Chair of Computer Science Department, UCF Expert in Computer Programming Languages.

Juan Albelo (advisor) – Over 20 years of sales experience in the Software Industry with companies like PeopleSoft, Oracle, SuccessFactors, SAP, SunGard, and PeopleFluent.

The only thing that we don’t see here is experience in blockchain technology. This might be a problem for future development.


Based on the Sparkster whitepaper, they have signed official partnerships with ARM and Libelium.

  • ARM is one of the worlds largest computer chip designers.
  • Libelium is an industrial sensor and gateway distributor.

Many other large enterprises are very interested in the Sparkster platform so we might read about other partnership announcements in a few weeks.

8. Token economy

  • Token Symbol: SPARK
  • Circulating Supply: 290,000,000
  • Total supply: 435 000 000
  • Hard cap: 30 000 000
  • Soft cap: 5 000 000
  • Token delivery: 2 weeks after crowd sale
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Token use: Services
  • ICO token price: $0.15
  • Token tech type: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Sale Date: To be announced

US Persons, as defined by the SEC will not be permitted to purchase SPARK tokens.

Pre-ICO from May 3, 2018, until July 1, 2018

  • Sold to token holders: 69%
  • Sparkster Initial Investors: 20%
  • Sparkster team: 10%
  • Sparkster’s Dreamers charity: 1%

ICO Token distribution

sparkster ico token distribution

Team and Initial Investor tokens will be held for two years.

9. Roadmap

The roadmap looks well prepared. Goals and milestones are shortly presented all the way into 2019. The Sparkster team regularly announces all progress on its Medium blog describing goals in more detail.

sparkster roadmap

Sparkster plan for Q4 2018

Sparkster will launch the Decentralized Cloud by the end of 2018. The decentralized cloud will provide be the foundation for a peer-to-peer marketplace. Miners will make their cell phone and IOT devices available for software authorized on the Sparkster platform and will be rewarded in SPARK tokens.

The Sparktser team promised in their whitepaper that the Sparkster Platform would be fully functional and available for use before any token sale.

Official Sparkster links and channels

10. Ian Balina effect

Ian Balina, a popular ICO investor, put Sparkster on the top of his spreadsheet TOP upcoming ICOs. Sparkster became number one ICO for Ian Balina with 90/100 points. Sparkster overcame even Quarkchain, Phantasma or EdenChain.

Sparster’s team won the Amsterdam Crypto World Tour ICO Pitch event at the beginning of May organized by Ian Balina. Afterward, Ian Balina became a strategic investor for Sparkster. Since then many ICO chasers started looking more into Sparkster’s upcoming ICO.

Check the Google trends with search Sparskter ICO. No doubt that there is much hype around this ICO.

11. Conclusion

Sparkster’s innovation in decentralized cloud aims to disrupt the $230 billion cloud computing industry of centralized cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Google or IBM. The Sparkster prototype already showed us that the scaling issue could be solved without losing performance. But on the other hand, we’ve only seen a few use cases.

Sparkster’s Decentralized Cloud implements zk-SNARKs and zero-knowledge proofs to ensure that client data stays obfuscated to other network participants. Security is a top priority for such a project.

The Sparkster Platform can interact natively with Ethereum and IOTA, and that is a perfect starting position in the current market.


Sparkster will be able to process 10 Million TPS (Transactions per Second). If future tests prove and validate this claim, Sparkster will become one of the top performing blockchain projects we have ever seen.

The team is very ambitious and they are all experienced in areas that are crucial for such a platform. The team also includes 17 software engineers, so we are looking at very active progress here.

Sparkster has already made great partnerships with companies in the IoT business.

The token distribution looks good. The team gets only 10 percent of SPARK tokens and 67 percent goes to ICO contributors.

Sparkster cuts the time to make software from months to days. Building software might become as easy as playing with Lego.


Raising 30M for a 67% token sale is not a small amount.

First they announced a 30% bonus for the seed round, then they canceled it. Now, we are not sure how big the bonus initial investors was, which equates to a lack of transparency.

Sparkster changed their token from the Stellar token to the Ethereum ERC-20 token. They say that the community asked for it, so they listened to the crowd. But the real question investors should ask here is: How will they reach 10 Million TPS on the Ethereum platform? Today, the Stellar blockchain architecture can do 1000 tx/s while Ethereum just 12-15 tx/s.

They might start building their own blockchain to increase the numbers like Wanchain did. But don’t forget, it took more than six months for Wanchain’s team to finish the swap their ERC-20 token to Wancoins.

There is a lot of hype around Sparkster. As of May 8th, 2018 they had just 180 members on Telegram. It pumped up to 39.000 at the beginning of June.

All social media accounts were registered in 2018. But they claim to have started on the project in 2014, based on their roadmap.

Putting advisors above the team members on a website seems strange.

Building decentralized software is complicated and currently prohibitive because of high gas prices and long execution times. Today it cannot be run on cheap cell phones and IOT devices. Sparkster tries is trying to change the architecture and move the innovation forward.

11. How to invest in Sparkster

Sparkster Crowdsale is open

If you want to invest into Sparkster, the best way for an ordinary investor is to participate in the crowdsale. There will be a lottery with a 25% allocation of funds and a reward system with the allocation of 75% of funds.

Join the whitelist for the lottery. It will end on 17 June. The maximum allocation for the lottery is 0.4 ETH.

If you want to increase your chances, you should participate in the reward system. Register on the official page and barter your skills.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as investing advice. We are not a financial advisor. This is just our opinion. Always do your own research before investing. Investing in ICOs is extremely risky.

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