Berlin is a great hub for blockchain start-ups and creative thinkers. We were excited to come over to one day summit called Blockchain Visionnare Summit. It was held on July 23. Around three hundred attendees watched closely keynote speeches and panel discussions. We liked the depth of topics, and the whole conference was not for beginners but more for advanced crypto people.

If you missed the event, you can read some of our thought from the conference and gain some value from it.

Institutional money already accepted bitcoin

Remember the beginning of 2017? Almost no one from big financial institutions believed in bitcoin. Just 18 months later they are fighting in PR who first going to take an experiment with blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are many positive signals across the traditional financial institutions that cryptocurrency has been already accepted in their minds.

Now we are waiting for stricter regulation and more mature cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, some of braver players slowly put their percentage of money into cryptomarket.

Brighter future for airdrops

Airdrops, as a marketing channel, work. Giving away some of the tokens appeared to be as a functional model of spreading the words and get attention.

Every single day there are one hundred new ICO launched. For small investors, it is pretty hard to get whitelisted and participated in ICO with good ratings. Pools nor syndicates solve the problem. Airdrops might play a bigger role for future as ICO will become a channel just for big investors. The real crowdfunding might be done via Airdrops, not ICOs.

Seven fast thoughts

  1. Everyone is running for big numbers in the Telegram group. But what exactly the number 50 thousand users say when your members talk about getting to the moon and token price?
  2. Telegram is the number one channel for marketing during ICO.
  3. Medium blog as a channel is undervalued. You should consider adding this marketing channel to your business plan.
  4. ICO statistics say that less than 10% of investors bring more than 90% of the money. It is better for the ICO team to cooperate with big investors, not the ones that support a project with 1000 USD.
  5. Top four buzzwords of today’s start-up scene: blockchain, VR, AI, big data.
  6. Influencer marketing strategy is getting more popular since the Facebook crypto ban.
  7. Ethereum will probably be the king of smart contracts for the next two years.

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