The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center jointly organize the Crypto Startup School, which will take place as a summer school from 25-29th of June 2018. The concept of the Crypto Startup School is based on a unique mixture of high-quality, university-style lectures and interactive, hands-on work experience on a project.

The lectures include presentations, discussions and workshops with recognized experts from leading institutions who report first-hand of their experiences. The project consists of group work, which will be conducted after classes and allows participants to apply the learned concepts in practice. Hence participants of the Crypto Startup School can sign up individually and meet new people to work with on a case or register as a group and gather their colleagues to develop their own ICO business model.

The program is based on the three basic modules “Blockchain Technology“, “ICOs” and “Entrepreneurship“.

Numerous well-known guest speakers are also involved in the scene:

Dr. Luka Müller (MME), Paul Kohlhaas (Consensys), Matthias Woestmann (Envion), Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler (DWF), Paul Kammerer (Commerzbank), Patrick Lowry (Iconiq Lab),  Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center), Robin Weninger (German Tech Entrepreneurship Center).

In the wake of sky-rocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the ICO market has sprung to life and developed into a growing token-ecosystem. Since ICOs are here to stay, SMEs, startups and corporates need to understand the fundamentals, dynamics, regulatory aspects and transformative powers for their business models.

Crypto start-up school in Frankfurt

This summer school aims at taking a deep-dive into the ICO ecosystem in the context of entrepreneurship. The following topics will be in focus:

  • How important will the ICO and token ecosystem be as a funding vehicle in the future? Will traditional venture capital be disrupted?
  • How does seed-funding through an ICO work?
  • What opportunities and risks do I need to be aware of when accelerating an existing business with funding through an ICO?
  • What opportunities and risks do I need to be aware of when accelerating an existing business with funding through an ICO?

Participants will also have the opportunity to promote and validate their own ICO plans or develop new ICO-compatible business models. At the end of the conference, the best projects will be rewarded with prize money and thus have the opportunity to implement the developed concept.

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