Last month we reported on the ‘must-see’ films that cover Bitcoin and the crypto currency industry. Torsten Hoffmann’s film “Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It”, released in mid 2015 was among our top choices. This documentary takes an in-depth look into the history of money, economics and the current financial system. The film festival run was very successful with 4 awards on 3 continents and the many broadcast TV stations in China, Taiwan, Sweden, Kenya, the Philippines distributed  the documentary which has also performed very well on digital platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo and BitTorrent. Torsten Hoffmann, the producer and director of estimates that close to a million people have watched the film.

Updated, bigger and better documentary about Bitcoin

However, since its making in 2014/15 and today a lot of new developments have fundamentally changed the industry. Torsten is now planning for an updated, bigger and better documentary which will include hot new topics like Ethereum, ICOs and the entire Bitcoin scaling debate.

“Our Part 2 will be less academic and much more entertaining for a mainstream audience”,

he told us in an exclusive interview. The global distribution of the first film has already built a large audience.

“Because we already have many of the famous experts on camera we are basically starting on second base”,

he said. The crew plans to revisit Andreas Antonopolous, Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker, Vitalik Buterin and many of the other interviewees. Shooting locations and production schedules have not been finalized yet.

Currently the project is fundraising on Kickstarter (for fiat money) and via donation addresses (BTC, ETH, BCH). The first film was largely funded by Torsten’s company but this time, he hopes to find some supporters who are interested to come in on the Executive Producer level. The team has also started a dialogue with a few potential corporate sponsors. The technical specifications will be upgraded to 4k UHD. The production team includes award-winning Virtual Reality experts. If sufficient funds can be raised a bonus VR experience will visualize blockchain transactions and cryptography in an immersive way.